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Lawyer, generally as everyone knows has studied and practices law. A person who has complete knowledge about the rules and acts of a country. Every country has its own set of acts whereas there is a common set of legal knowledge that is obtained through a degree from a university.

In-House Lawyer –

With the growth of business and its needs, as a company grows by its size it increases the legal complications too. Such a legal issue needs to be addressed by a lawyer. And any kind of legal proceeding needs a lot of paperwork and documentation. In today’s busy world business associates find it difficult to carry all the documents to a lawyer’s office and also when a lawyer is practicing separately in his/her office, they have many clients. Your business will be one amongst them which leads to some waiting time to address your issues. Hence, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer who works only for your company. Such a lawyer is hired and designated as an in-house lawyer. An in-house lawyer concentrates only on the company he/she works for and all the paperwork and documentations, legal proceedings, legal advice are all under the control of this in-house lawyer. This is a type of career growth for many who cannot or do not believe in individual practices. Becoming an in-house lawyer is a big decision and is not easy. It is a deciding factor for your career growth and also for your future. However, like any other career the job of being an in-house lawyer too has some pros and cons as mentioned below:


1. Single Client – Depending on your interests having a single client can be advantageous as expressed by many. It is mainly because you will be working on various matters or issues for one client. Irrespective of whether there is a court case or not, you have a financial security because you are an employee and are paid.

2. Team Work – An in-house lawyer is usually a part of a team which handles a lot of legal matters. You have the opportunity to learn from other lawyers in the team and if you enjoy the sense of teamwork, then this is a career for you.

3. Big leap career – As an in-house lawyer, you work in order to help the company you are working for achieving their business goals and maintain their corporate ranking. You will be one of the major deciding factors for many of the company’s business decisions. While an outside lawyer can work only on the minor details. The challenge of working towards corporate goals can be a major attraction to in-house lawyers.

Single Client

Depending on your interests having a single client can be putting all your knowledge and talent on only one client i.e. the company you work for. You are dependent on the company’s profit which means your job is stable as long as the company is running profitably and if it has harder times then your necessity will be a question and matter of added expenditure. Also, a variety of work is not experienced when you are an in-house lawyer.

Prolonged working hours
- Not all in-house lawyer jobs are 9-5 work routines. There will be times when you are expected to work out of the schedule and as per the company’s requirement which is surely a negative point compared to being an outside lawyer on your own.  Time is your convenience when you are an asbestos lawyer

Reduced learning opportunities
- Since your job is compacted to only one client of the particular business you are more involved in knowing things related to that company only. You will not be able to gain knowledge about the variety of issues in the world. Career development opportunities are hence reduced for an in-house lawyer. Your experience is limited to the business and its legalities only. For all those who want to choose a career of being an in-house lawyer, the above points should give some clarity about the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision.

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